Friday, July 31, 2015

New Blog!

In an effort to keep things consistent, I've made the decision to start up a blog for Interrobang Designs. I've already migrated all of my blog posts over there and will continue blogging on the new platform. You can visit the blog here!

My website is live as well. Although it's still a work in progress, you can visit it now. Click here!

I want to thank you for your continued support!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Planner Inspiration - Donuts

Yuuummmmm!!! Who doesn't love donuts? I know that I love them! Imagine my surprise that I haven't already done a planner inspiration themed around donuts... that's now been rectified.

Although the planner inspiration itself is rather simple, it definitely makes me happy. :) 

Planner Supplies: 
1. Journaling Card - Project Life
2. Blue Striped Washi Tape - Paper Studio - Hobby Lobby
3. Wood Pieces (Donuts, Glasses and Coffee Cup) - Hobby Lobby
4. Donuts Sticky Notes - Target
6. Uniball Signo - Blue - Target
7. Clothespin - Hobby Lobby
8. Pink Striped Washi - Joanns

And here's a look at how I used the planner inspiration on my Erin Condren. :) I just want to go out and buy donuts.

My sister is starting to make charms again!!! Yay! Because she is part of the planner community as well, she's going to extend her charms to paperclips. She started out with this donut paper clip for me! Love everything about it! She's going to open up her Etsy shop soon. I'll make sure to announce it when it happens!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy planning!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Planner Inspiration: Hot Air Balloon

Here's my planner inspiration for next week. I know... I haven't posted anything in a while. Sorry! Hopefully, that doesn't happen anymore!

Here's a rundown of where I got everything:
1. Notepad - Michaels
2. Sticky Notes and Clipboard - Michaels
3. Striped Washi - Target
4. Teal Washi - Target
5. Yellow Washi - Hobby Lobby
6. Cabachons - Hobby Loby
7. Hot Air Balloon Stickers - My Etsy Shop
8. Orange Clip - Hobby Lobby

I really love these hot air balloon stickers! They make me happy!!! Here's a little look at how I used them in my Erin Condren.

If you use this planner inspiration, don't forget to tag me on Instagram or Facebook or leave a link so I can see it!

Thanks and happy planning!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Planner Inspiration - Peacock

Another planner inspiration post for you! I think I love these posts more and more as I do them. 

This one is featuring my new Peacock Sticker Collection. It's up in my Etsy shop now!

Here's a quick rundown on where I purchased the items:
1. Teal Washi Tape - Target
2. Purple Striped Washi (Studio 112) - JoAnns
3. "Don't Forget" Notepad - Target
4. Mint Washi - Etsy Shop
5. Polka Dot Washi (Studio 112) - JoAnns
6. Clipboard with Sticky Notes - Michaels
7. Peacock Stickers - My Etsy Shop
8. Mechanical Pencil - Target
9. Pocket - Hobby Lobby
10. Button - Hobby Lobby
11. Cabochons - Hobby Lobby
12. Heart Chipboard - Michaels

And here's a quick look on how I used the planner inspiration in my Erin Condren Life Planner.

As I go through the week, I tend to add more detail and decorations. Just keeping it simple for my initial pictures.

Thanks for stopping by! Remember to leave a link, tag me on Instagram or let me know on Facebook if you decide to use this planner inspiration, or any of my previous planner inspirations!


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Planner Inspiration - Pink Lemonade

Another planner inspiration for you! I'm actually really excited for this one! I've been obsessed with lemonade and especially flavored lemonades. Blackberry lemonade is just amazing! 

Anyway, this planner inspiration features my new Pink Lemonade collection. It's so fun and summery! I only feature the main sticker sheet in the picture, but I actually use all four sheets on my planner.

Now, let's talk supplies! I feel like I use the same supplies repeatedly, but I know that's not really the case. If it were, that's okay, too. There's nothing wrong with using up your supplies!

Supplies Used:
1. Pink Uniball Signo Pen - Target
2. Yellow and Silver Mechanical Pencil - Target (One Spot - older collection)
3. Pink and White Washi Tape (Hema) - LadyendeVagehond's Etsy Shop
4. "Things To Do" Hema Sticky Notes - LadyendeVagehond's Etsy Shop
5. Gray and White Pocket - Hobby Lobby
7. Pink and White Striped Page Flag (Studio 112) - JoAnns
8. Pink Polka Dots Page Flag - Target (One Spot - older collection)
9. Light and Dark Pink Washi Tape (Studio 112) - JoAnns
10. Yellow and Gold Washi Tape (Scotch) - Target
11. Flower Cabochons - Hobby Lobby

Okay, now that you know what I used on my planner pages, take a look at my decorated pages for next week.

I don't really put any of the things I have planned in my planner until I'm don't posting the pictures. I don't know, I guess I'm just weird about people knowing what I'm doing... I'm thinking about posting my completed pages at the end of the week... we'll see. :)

I hope that you like the planner inspiration for next week!

If you use this planner inspiration at any time please let me know! I would love to see it!!! Or if you do your own planner inspirations, I would like to see that, too.

Happy planning!!!


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Planner Inspiration

Here's another planner inspiration. I was inspired by the Citrus Collection to create this Watermelon one! It's up in my Etsy shop now!

As for the supplies I used:
1.Clipboard and Sticky Notes- Michaels
2. Alphabet Stickers - JoAnns
3. Watermelon Stamp - Michaels
4. Flower Cabachons - Hobby Lobby
5. Pink Washi Tape - Hema
6. Grid Washi Tape - Studio G - Meijer
7. Striped Washi Tape - JoAnns
8. Watermelon Stickers - My Etsy Shop
9. Uni-ball Signo Pens - Target


Here's a quick look at how I used the Planner Inspiration on my Erin Condren.

Thanks for stopping by! If you decide to use this planner inspiration in your planner, please let me know! I would love to see it!

Happy Planning!!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Planner Inspiration

Okay, here we go! I kept this one pretty simple just because I knew I was going to be using a lot of my stickers in this one.

The supplies I used were:
1. Rope - Michaels
2. Pink Washi - Etsy
3. Gray Chevron Washi - Meijer
4. Pink and Teal Striped Washi - Michaels
5. Squid Charm - My sister!
6. Anchor Paper Clip - I made from supplies from Hobby Lobby
7. Small Seahorse Pouch - Hobby Lobby
8. Sticker Sheet - My Etsy Shop
9. Notepad (Studio 112) - Jo-Anns
10. Papermate Flair - Target
11. Pilot G2 - Target

As you can tell from this photo, I actually used stickers from the entire Nautical line, not just the main sheet. I love this theme!

And this is just another view of the spread.

I hope you liked everything and please let me know if you use this planner inspiration!

Happy Planning!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Planner Inspiration

Here we go again! Another Planner Inspiration for you! I seriously think that I'm addicted to this. :)

We can all thank my sister, Tracey, for this one. She wanted a citrus theme and I slowly started falling in love with the idea. So here we go!

Products used:
1. Scotch Washi Tape - Scallop Stripe - Meijer
2. Studio G Washi Tape - Orange and White - Meijer
3. Paper Tape - Yellow - Target
4. K&Company - Green and White Studio 112 Washi Tape - Jo-Anns
5. Stamps - Studio G - Michaels
6. Memento Ink - Yellow - Michaels
7. Studio G - Sticky Notes - Michaels
8. Paper Studios - Green and Orange Clips - Hobby Lobby
9. Orange Polymer Clay - From my sister!
10. Green Envelope - Hobby Lobby
12. Papermate Flair Pen - Orange - Target
13. Mechanical Pencil - Target
14. Green Pen - Target

And here's how I used it!

I'm a pretty private person, so I don't really include any information until after I post pictures.

If you're interested in the citrus stickers, they will be posted on my Etsy shop tomorrow! Here's a sneak peek at all four designs in the collection. I have a little something for everyone. 
  1. Citrus - You'll get everything from half fruit slices, splashes, banners, dots, etc.
  2. EC Box Fillers - You can either write on them or leave them blank to fill up boxes when you don't have much going on. There are also a couple list banners in there.
  3. Dots - 3/8'' dots for list making or important even markers
  4. Hole Reinforcers - I didn't forget about my ring bound friends! These hole reinforcers are 1/2'' wide and the center hold measures 1/4''.

This also sparked a watermelon series... which I'll post when I'm finished! :) I never knew I would be excited about fruit stickers!

Please let me know if you are interested in seeing something else! I am happy to take suggestions.

Also, don't forget to let me know if you use this planner inspiration. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Planner Inspiration

Another planner inspiration for everyone! I hope you're liking them as much as I am. I seriously love putting them together. :) Here it is down below.

Supply List:
1. Scotch Expressions Washi Tapes - Meijer
2. Yellow Washi Tape - Etsy Shop
3. Clipboard with Sticky Notes - Michaels (I mixed up two different sets to get this one)
4. Resin Flowers - Hobby Lobby
5. Post It Page Flags - Staples
6. Hema Sticky Note/Page Flag - Etsy Shop
7. Cloud Sticky Note - Jo-Anns
8. Bee Stickers - My Etsy Shop
9. Mechanical Pencil - Target
10. Papermate Flair Pen (Yellow) - Target

And here's what I did with it! I decided to show my Erin Condren Life Planner as it is a fun planner to decorate. Pst... Any extra stickers you may see will be up in my Etsy shop tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by! Remember, if you use this planner inspiration, please let me know! I would love to see what you make of it. Just because I'm using it for next week doesn't mean you can't use it in August. They're out there for you to use whenever! 

Oh! Don't forget that tomorrow my Etsy shop, Interrobang Designs, is opening up! Please stop by and take a look around. Maybe you'll see something that you'll want to buy... :)

Happy Planning!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Planner Inspiration

Here's another planner inspiration for everyone!

I have such a fun time putting these together!!! Last week, I felt that my planner was a little over crowded so I decided to simplify it this time around.

My list of supplies are pretty simple this time around.
1. Journaling Cards - Hobby Lobby
2. Clipboard with Sticky Notes - Michaels
3. Washi Tape - Etsy Store, Hobby Lobby and Target
4. Page Flags - Jo-Ann
5. Clothes Pin - Hobby Lobby
6. Pen - Target

And of course, I have a quick pic of how I used the planner inspiration in both my Erin Condren...

And my Webster's Pages Color Crush planner!!!

 Thanks for stopping by! If you use any of my planner inspirations for yourself, please send me a link or tag me on Instagram @interrobangDesigns. 

PS: I started a Facebook Page for my soon to open Etsy shop. Please check it out for some sneak peeks!!!

Thanks and happy planning!